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Since their introduction into UK betting shops in 2001, FOBTs have blighted our high streets. Current regulations permit four FOBTs per betting shop. This restriction on numbers has led bookmakers to open multiple shops on the same high streets and in the same town centres to maximise the number of FOBTs. There are now almost 35,000 FOBTs across the UK combined with a 43% increase in the number of betting shops in town centres.


The clustering of betting shops is driving gambling addiction, crime and violence and putting the lives of betting shop staff at risk.


If there is another application for a betting shop in your area and you want to oppose it, don’t be afraid to take action by submitting an objection.


To help you, we have compiled a list of key evidence pertaining to the harm caused by FOBTs and the clustering of betting shops. To make an objection, locate the contact details of your Licensing Authority and draft a letter outlining your reasons for opposing the new betting shop and include the evidence we have included in the objection pack.


Enclosed within the pack you’ll find:


You can find out exact FOBT losses for your area using the interactive tool on our website or by emailing info@stopthefobts.org. You can also submit an FOI to your local police force for the latest statistics on the number of police call-outs to betting shops in your area to help support your objection.

Download your pack here and let’s put an end to the rise of FOBTs on our highstreets.

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