There are a number of ways you can take action and support the campaign:
  1. Tell us your story in confidence: Have you, a friend or family member been addicted to, or affected by FOBTs? Do you work in the betting industry and have seen the damage FOBTs cause? Send us your story.
  2. Contact your MP: Write to your MP using the personalised form, encourage them to support the Stop the FOBTs Campaign.
  3. Councillors? Table a motion: Worried about the number of betting shops in your ward, use this model motion package to raise the issue on your council’s agenda
  4. Objecting to a betting shop? For support in submitting an objection to a betting shop premises licence application in your area, use this package.
  5. Worried about problem gambling? Follow our five point plan to find support near you.


Anonymous testimonial 3, February 2013

“Firstly, thank you for starting this campaign. I am with it 100% and offer my services in any shape or form that can assist. I lived in NZ for a number of years, and have always gambled but never thought I had an addiction. 2 years ago I returned and started playing these machines. It is a similar story as you will hear all the time. It starts with small bets, and eventually 100 pound spins losing thousands. I won't go into it too much, but these machines are terrible and I know and have seen many more people like me that can't walk past a bookies without donating money to the bookies relief appeal. I am now in remission and have counselling. These things very nearly killed me, and I’ve lost most of my family. I am sick to death of bookmakers opening new shops and advertising constantly. This country is turning into 1 big casino. I am happy to provide further info if required. Thank you for taking the time to do this.”

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