Southend: Concerns Over Number Of Betting Shops
Posted on March 14, 2014

Heart is being told more needs to be done to tackle the number of betting shops and Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in Southend.

Councillor Julian Ware-Lane is calling for a motion to be passed by the Cabinet.

He looks after the Milton ward and says there are some deprived areas where people to find betting and gambling attractive.

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Gambling adverts could be banned in newspapers and billboards
Posted on March 4, 2014

Culture Secretary Maria Miler has ordered a review of gambling adverts amid concern over the number shown on TV.

A source close to the Tory Cabinet minister suggested that the Government could go much further.

Ministers are in “the same kind of space” that the Labour government was on smoking ads a decade ago.

Adverts for smoking were phased out from 2002 onwards and are now virtually illegal.

Read the full article in The Mirror online.


Gambling curb ‘will kill horses’: William Hill boss says animals will need to be put down if ministers crack down on high-stakes machines in betting shops
Posted on February 25, 2014

Betting bosses yesterday claimed that greyhounds and racehorses would have to be put down if ministers implement a crackdown on roulette-style machines.

Britain’s largest bookmakers have faced increasing calls to ban or put restrictions on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) – which have been dubbed the ‘crack cocaine of gambling’.

Users of the high-stakes games can lose £100 per spin and they have been blamed for a rise in problem gambling.

Read the full article in The Daily Mail online.


Garry Owen: Sad punters are getting FOBT-ed off with betting terminals
Posted on October 4, 2013

CONSERVATIVE MP Iain Macleod was the first punter to refer to the “nanny state” back in December, 1965 before the term became a favourite of Margaret Thatcher during her reign in Downing Street.

Now I’m no blue-blooded right-winger and I’d prefer a decent kip to UKIP, but I’d like to raise a few points about “nannying” with my two favourite hobbies, gambling and drinking.

Fixed odds betting terminals, FOBTs or puggies to you and I, have become a fixture in bookies’ shops like the auld Extel box used to be in the corner above the board marker.

As a punter who will bet on everything from horseracing to boxing and NFL to Scottish football (though not against my own team), I’ve no time for puggies in bookies. I’d gladly melt them all down and build a new hoose for John McCririck.

Read the full article in The Daily Record online.

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