Ritz casino successfully sues gambling addict for £2 million

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A property tycoon has been successfully sued by the Ritz Club Casino for an unpaid debt of £2 million. Safa Abdulla al Geabury claimed the Ritz knew he was a gambling addict and should not have allowed him to play.

We should not feel too sorry for al Geabury, however: with an estimated fortune of more than half-a-billion pounds, he can easily afford this loss.

This cannot be said for an increasing number of British men and women who have become addicted to so-called Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, of which there are now well over 35,000 —concentrated in areas of the highest welfare dependency. 

Ten years ago, the Blair government allowed High Street bookmakers to provide this turbo-charged form of roulette. It has been wonderful for the bookies, but dreadful for the families of gambling addicts.

Read the full story at Daily Mail online

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