FOBTs in the News: 7th – 13th March

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This week was hugely significant for the Campaign as it released the latest FOBT figures. Shockingly, almost £8 billion of cash was inserted into 34,000 FOBTs across the UK in 2014 and £1.5 billion was lost.

Gambling Insider covered the figures launch in an article published today. The Mayor of Newham and the LGA’s Head of Licensing Councillor Tony Page have written a joint letter to party leaders urging them to promise to reduce the maximum stake on FOBTs from £100 to £2 as part of their party manifestos.

On Thursday a full page advertisement was placed in the London Evening Standard which featured an open letter to ‘the people of London,’ calling upon the Government to ‘stop pretending it doesn’t know about FOBTs’ and the ‘growing problem’ that they cause. The letter was signed by several Chinese associations, religious groups, community centres and museums in Soho and Chinatown.

This week, the Scottish Labour leader hit out at FOBTs and showed public support for reducing the maximum stake. Jim Murphy’s comments came as latest figures showed that Scots blew a massive £158 million of the controversial gaming machines.

Redbridge council expressed concern about high stakes betting machines in their constituency and called for more powers to prevent betting shops “opening up next to each other”.

The Sunday Post looked to expose fatal flaws in the system that’s supposed to protect gambling machine addicts with an in-depth, undercover report.

On Central Lobby this week the Campaign for Fairer Gambling exposed more FOBT insights from the Upper Chamber and questioned whether bookies were the strangest “retailers” in the world?

If you think the stake on FOBTs should be reduced to £2, take action today.

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